Saturday 6 January 2024

 New Year, New Surrey Swing Dance Classes!


  1. As I look out of the window I see the first snowflakes of 2024 falling in Guildford. tucked up inside the house I am working on a new website to match the exciting Lindy, Jive and Line Dance classes we have lined up, starting this week at Fairlands Hall in Guildford.

  2. We love to share our passion for dancing to music of the 1930's all the way through to modern tunes.

    What does swing mean? It was a term coined by American musicians playing Jazzy tunes, where they 'swung' the notes; instead of playing notes of the same length, they made one note longer than the beat, and the other note was shorter to make sure that it still ended on the next beat of the music. It's as simple as that, yet so important when playing and dancing to the tune. You couldn't get that 'big band' sound without it, remember: It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing... The swing changes the feel of a rhythm in a tune and makes one want to dance to the 'off' beat (the beat inbetween the drum beat). If this doesn't make any sense to you then do please come to one of our classes where you'll soon find out why swing music is so infectious.

    Surrey Swing classes are fun and instructive and you may join at any time. We offer step-by-step instruction in a relaxed and friendly manner and we offer regular social dances to have fun and practice your moves amongst like-minded people. Please explore our site and do call us if you need more information.
    Straight Rhythm (always on the beat)Straight Rhythm (always on the beat)

    Swing Rhythm (on and off the beat)Swing Rhythm (on and off the beat)

    We offer classes in Jive, Lindy Hop & Line Dancing as well as regular weekend social dances & workshops

  3. Well here we go, after several months coding in html and php we have our new website, same address however a clean, fresh look and feel . The main reason is that it will now work on most if not all phones, tablets and personal computers. Do let us now of any problems, I am sure there will be some teething troubles...